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Individual goal of the player

  • While playing Callo, I dominate a region, and I have a nightmare token. The Nightmare and Faun are there. Can I put another nightmare token there and lock the region in the same turn?
  • FJOLSFINN: Is it true that Fjolsinn is the only character who does not need dominance, about influence marker bring to the ice garden ?
  • FREIHOFF: In a two player game (Ulrike Freihoff vs Passionaria Callo), if Callo locks a region before a Red Tower is erected there, is Freihoff unable to fulfill her individual goal?
  • VAN DYKEN: Can The Thorn absorb more than one magical reserve during one turn? Can there be two magical reserves in one region (moved by the Ratling Piper in two subsequent turns or by two Pipers in the same turn)?
  • FJOLLSFINN: Can the influence markers temporarily disabled by Vuko, be taken by Ice Drakkars to the Ice Garden?

Victory points

  • What if some one passes over the second-last scoring symbol on the imitative track, and lands on the last red field? The game ends, but is there one round of region scoring, or two?