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Abilities of special units

  • Can I use the special abilities in any order? a) Nightmare adds its token, then Faun locks the region b) even better: Faun replaces the enemy influence marker, then Nightmare adds its token and then Faun locks the region?
  • Do I have to activate all the special abilities of my units? For instance, exchanging influence markers by using Faun, even when it`s not good for me?
  • If there is Faun and two nightmare tokens in a dominated region, do I have to lock it? This is not shown on the special unit's card.
  • Can I lock the region with Vuko? If I do so, is Vuko removed from the board?
  • Can Faun turn the influence markers of other players when the Callo player runs out of the influence markers?
  • If I pillage M-factor using a level 3 summon, for instance, do I place it on my character sheet on level 3?
  • Who gets to choose which M-factor is pillaged?

Regions domination

  • Who can take resources from a region when several players have influence there? Let us assume, player A has 3 influence markers (im), player B – 2 im, player C – 1 im and there is also one independent nation token.
  • Domination phase: there is a neutral nation token, Vuko and a special unit level 3 in a region. I have no influence markers there, but I have one Vuko token. Do I dominate the region?
  • Does The Thorn grant any influence in its region?
  • Can M-factor be taken from the magical reserve in the region with The Torn before the magical reserve is absorbed?
  • Do we determine the "domination” order again after the dominating player has used his/her special abilities, so that resources and/or VPs are granted according to this new order?
  • When locking a region, does Callo receive resources from that region during Domination phase or only victory points?