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  • Who can take resources from a region when several players have influence there? Let us assume, player A has 3 influence markers (im), player B – 2 im, player C – 1 im and there is also one independent nation token.

    1. Player A gets to choose one of the available resources first.

    2. Player B gets one of the remaing resources.

    3. Player C may not get any resources from the region since his/her influence is too low. You need more influence than the neutral player in order to collect a remamining resource. 

    Of course, a player influence in a zone may be altered by such factors as: special units in the region and/or the presence of Vuko in the region along with any Vuko tokens possessed by the players.

    And if there is a tie for domination between players, please refer to Tied Domination on Page 13:

    Tied domination: If two or more players have equal influence in a region,
    then they count the sum of their influence in all adjacent regions. Whoever has
    the most, wins the tie. If there is still a tie, the player with a highest position
    on the reputation track dominates in that region (if there is a stack, the player
    marker on the bottom wins the tie).

    Created on 15/09/2014 in DOMINATION PHASE

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